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Equity Service Incorporated


Equity Services, Inc. (ESI), member FINRA/SIPC, is a Broker/Dealer and Registered Investment Adviser affiliate of National Life Insurance Company offering an extensive line of financial products and services including mutual funds, unit investment trusts, stock and bond trading, public and private limited partnerships, real estate investment trusts, variable annuities and asset management services. Since its founding in 1968, ESI has been committed to making investing as successful as possible for clients while also recognizing that today's investing environment is one of constantly increasing complexity. ESI offers quality products and services through its financial partners and are designed to form the critical foundation required for its representatives and clients to implement sophisticated planning and investing strategies which take advantage of today's opportunities.

ESI's Investment Adviser Representatives may also offer financial planning services to help clients determine and meet certain goals and objectives. Using specialized software, ESI Investment Adviser Representatives can analyze financial and investment positions and help identify needs and appropriate actions to take in seeking to achieve goals. Equity Services’ fee-based and advisory service programs are structured to be competitive, adaptable, and pioneering. Its sophisticated technology and breadth of capability gives you the infrastructure you need to operate your fee-based management practice.