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Financial Education

At Dome Financial Services, we provide a unique approach to business benefits and community programs through financial education. We take pride in the reputation we have earned for providing our clients with excellent service and education. These traits have the potential to empower our clients to help them make better financial decisions.

Personal Financial Management Courses

Courses are exclusively presented by the DOME's network of advisors using programs developed from over 25 years of teaching adult financial education course experience. We provide financial and investment educational seminars for the public and for private industry. Individuals are concerned about being better prepared to meet future financial obligations like paying for college or maximizing retirement income.

Additionally, there are growing concerns for an organization's adherence to section 404c. This section of the IRS code allows for education to be provided to employees of companies. Simply providing a retirement plan and product information may not be enough. By providing financial education, companies also may enhance employee's work performance and business acumen.

Benefits to employees:
  • Convenience: Classes are given at the worksite
  • Little or no cost continuing education and improving employee welfare
  • Family-oriented planning: Spouse or significant other is welcome to attend at no additional cost
  • One hour free personal consultation (no cost or obligation)
  • Personalized class work: Employees receive personal finance worksheets with practical exercises and examples
  • Courses help improve participation in all other company sponsored benefit programs!
  • Use to attract, retain, reward, and better retire your most valuable asset - your employee
Benefits to the public:
  • All classes are non-solicitory. There will be no sales talk, no one will be asked to buy anything
  • Little or no cost educational experience designed to help the attendees make better buying decisions when dealing with budgeting, taxes, legal work, financial products, retirement distribution, and business ownership transition issues
  • One hour free personal consultation for each attendee (no cost or obligation)

All inquiries about either providing a course for your business or participating in an upcoming workshop should be directed to James G. Oppenlander: or (614) 430-8414.