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Physicians and Business Owners

You've worked hard to build a successful business. How can you continue to receive the benefits of your success during your retirement?

What if you could:

  • Move money from your business to yourself tax favorably
  • Defer taxes on your savings
  • Provide an income tax-free death benefit for your loved ones and
  • Potentially receive retirement benefits income tax-free

As a business owner, you have the opportunity to use your business to gain additional tax leveraging as part of your retirement planning strategy.

A Section 79 plan is a benefit plan for group life insurance. The plan allows the use of permanent life insurance which, in addition to providing an income-tax free death benefit, permits tax-deferred growth of policy cash value and the potential for tax-free retirement income. In addition, premiums are deductible to your business, and are only partially income taxable to you as current income.

A Qualified Plan, such as a profit sharing plan or defined benefit plan, provides a current tax deduction for your practice or business, and contributions are not taxable to participants until withdrawn from the plan. We provide Qualified Plans so you can transfer more form your business to your retirement account without any current tax consequences.

Contact us today to review your existing retirement strategy and/or qualified plan to determine if you are maximizing your retirement income potential!