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Physicians, High-Net-Worth Clients and Business Owners

Our clients have worked hard to build a successful business. How can they continue to receive the benefits of their success during their retirement?  By working with DOME associated advisors who receive the best of class support and most up to date services!

With more than 150 years of combined industry experience, our Advanced Market Team is here to help you grow your business as you meet the various needs of your clients.

We specialize in working with physicians, high-net-worth individuals, business owners, and their families. We provide associated advisors and thus their clients with:

  • Direct access to our in-house team for case consultation, document reviews, and point-of-sale support
  • Simplified sales concepts that clients can actually understand
  • Case design and presentation
  • Consultation with strategic advisors - CPAs and Attorneys
  • Ongoing education and training
  • Helping to Maximize tax deductions with Qualified and Non-Qualified plans
  • Leveraged Planning 

We are committed to supporting your needs and the needs of your clients. We stay current in the market and understand what people are thinking from Main Street to Wall Street. We strive to help you differentiate yourself and grow your practice.

Our Advanced Market concepts and associated advisor support are:

            Benefit planning for Small Business Owners

              Estate Planning Strategies              Foreign Nationals

Multi-Life Program - Guaranteed Issue          Premium Finance

      Qualified Plans                    CPA Advantage Program

Contact us today to review your existing retirement strategy and/or qualified plan to determine if you are maximizing your retirement income potential!

James G. Oppenlander, CLU ChFC

General Agent - Midwest Agency, National Life Group 

President and CEO

 P/F: 614-423-6713 | LinkedIn