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Our Approach

Our approach to personal financial planning starts and ends with your dreams in mind. We start by understanding your goals. We then recommend and help you to implement strategies to achieve these goals. We continually monitor your financial situation and provide annual reviews to help ensure you remain on track. Your goals are the centerpiece of our recommendations and strategies.

The personal financial planning process allows you the potential to:

  • Enhance the value and efficiency of your assets
  • Actively participate in the planning process
  • Maximize your wealth and avoid financial pitfalls
  • Gain more protection of your income and assets
  • Minimize existing and future risk
  • Seek maximum growth and enjoy the use of your assets while alive

Our Process with Clients

  • Relationship meeting (learn about client’s current situation, experiences in past planning, dreams and goals)
  • Provide a confidential personal and/or business financial questionnaire and a communication profile
  • Explain how we are paid
  • Review confidential questionnaires with client
  • Review information provided by client and develop ideas
  • Exchange ideas with other team members
  • Complete a problem identification worksheet and (if appropriate) provide a gap analysis list of areas that may need improvement from the client's present position to a potential higher and better strategy
  • Discuss ideas with client and any team members needed or desired to be at the meeting
  • Introduce and discuss product solutions
  • Act on financial product solutions decided upon with client
  • Coordinate actions with other advisers

We typically have 3-5 meetings with clients in order to implement all these action steps, discussions, and product solutions.